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Justice for All

Candidate for Circuit Court Judge
Kenosha County Branch 6

"I will use my breadth of personal and professional experience to ensure justice for all in Kenosha County."

What Angela Will Bring to the Bench

Focus on Outcomes

Angela will carefully examine each case, listen to everyone impacted, and apply the law to find the best outcome. Sometimes that means sending dangerous offenders to prison, other times it means providing safe spaces for victims to heal and seek justice, and providing offenders an opportunity to address the issues that lead them to commit crimes. Angela will work with community leaders and organizations to keep our community safe long term by breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse, violence, and crime.


Angela will ensure fairness and justice for everyone. She will treat every individual as a human being. She will work with others in the court system to measure the disparities within the justice system based on race, wealth, identity, and other factors. Such inequalities make our community less safe by destabilizing families, encouraging recidivism or repeat offenses, and discouraging victims from seeking justice.

Support and Restorative Justice

Angela will lead efforts to expand and strengthen support programs that address the causes of crime, not just treat the symptoms. Counseling, mental health and addiction treatment, housing, and restorative justice programs are opportunities which Angela will explore and work to make available to all who need them, regardless of ability to pay.

Community Safety

Our entire community is impacted when violent crimes are committed. Sometimes the criminal justice system makes the situation worse by destabilizing families or trapping people into a cycle of crime instead of confronting the root problems. As judge, Angela will address immediate dangers to our safety, while also making sure every step of the criminal justice system works together to identify the causes of violence, provide safe spaces for victims to escape their abusers and heal, and rehabilitate offenders.


Help Make History!

Primary Election - February 16th

General Election - April 6th


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Help Make History!

Primary  - February 16th

General Election - April 6th


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